The CHSRA has taken on the enormous task of attempting to connect northern California to southern California via a high-speed light rail system.  The project has been divided up in sections given the funding and construction sources and timelines.  Click here to see CHSRA’s Summer 2018 Construction Update.

Want to know how high-speed rail is progressing?   HSR launched its new interactive website for providing quick and easy access to information about construction in the Central Valley.  Click here to view the website and to see more photos of the various HSR projects.

HSR has released its 2018 Business Plan.  Click here to review.


  • San Francisco to San Jose:  CHSRA and the Federal Railroad Administration released the final Scoping Report for this section.   Click here to view CHSRA’s Fact Sheet: San Francisco to San Jose Project Spring 2017 Section Overview.    CHSRA released a February 2018 update to the San Francisco to San Jose Segment.  Click here to view.   
  • San Jose to Merced:  CHSRA has initiated the environmental review process for this project section. Click here to view CHSRA’s Fact Sheet: San Jose to Merced Project Spring 2017 Section Overview.  CHSRA posted “San Jose to Merced Project Section Range of Alternatives April 2017.  Click here to view.  CHSRA released a February 2018 update to the San Jose to Merced Segment.  Click here to view.     Click here to view the “San Jose to Merced Timeline” video.
  • Merced to Fresno: This section of the project received environmental clearance in or about September 2012.  CHSRA is currently undergoing construction of this phase.   Click here to view the environmental documents for this section.  CHSR launched a new interactive website focused on construction activities.  Click here to view.
  • Merced to Fresno:  Central Valley Wye:  The Central Valley Wye will serve as the junction for the system to head west to the Bay Area, north to Merced and Sacramento and south to Fresno.  This is part of the Merced to Fresno segment though parts of the Central Valley Wye alignments have been significantly refined and improved and will be reevaluated and reanalyzed in an environmental document that will supplement the 2012 Merced to Fresno approved document.  CHSRA has identified the preferred alternative as SR 152 North and Road 11.  The identification of the preferred alternative does not indicate a final route decision but is the one that preliminary studies show has the least impact on natural and community resources. Staff will return to the Board with the final environmental document and request for the final route. Click here to view CHSRA’s Fact Sheet re: “Merced to Fresno Project Section:  Central Valley Wye.
  • SR-99 Realignment Project: Click here to view CHSRA’s informational website regarding the SR-99 Realignment Project.  Click here for more 99 Realignment information from CHSRA.
  • Fresno to Tulare-Shafter/Bakersfield: This section of the project received environmental clearance in or about June 2014.  CHSRA is in the process of acquiring properties.    CHSRA has created a Summary of the Final EIR – Fresno to Bakersfield Section.   Click here to take a look.
  • Tulare/Shafter to Bakersfield – Bakersfield Locally Generated Alternative:  This section is a result of a partnership between CHSRA and the cities of Bakersfield and Shafter to refine the alignment through the region.  CHSRA coordinated with the City of Bakersfield to refine a locally generated alternative.  CHSRA released the Draft Supplemental Environmental Document for Fresno to Bakersfield Project Section.  Click here to see CHSRA’s news release.   Click here to view the full contents of the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report/Statement.   Click here to read CHSRA’s Summer 2016 “Fresno to Bakersfield Locally Generated Alternative.”
  • Bakersfield to Palmdale: CHSRA has been active in the planning and environmental processes for the last several years.   CHSRA completed the Supplemental Alternatives Analysis (SAA) in which four alignment alternatives were recommended to be carried forward for full analysis in a draft Environmental Impact Report.   CHSRA is expecting to release the draft environmental documents in the near future.  Click here to see CHSRA’s Bakersfield to Palmdale project section update for January 2018.
  • Palmdale to Burbank: CHSRA will be holding Community Open House Meetings on September 24, September 26, September 27 and September 29, 2018 to advise about the staff recommended State’s Preferred Alternative to be carried forward in the Draft Environmental Impact Report.  Please click here for times and locations.  CHSRA is studying four alternatives as part of the environmental process for the Bakersfield to Palmdale Project section.  CHSRA would like to share the next steps in the Bakersfield to Palmdale section, including the recommended Preferred Alternative and progress towards completing the Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (EIR/EIS).
  • Burbank to Los Angeles: CHSRA will be holding Preferred Alternative Open House Meetings on September 5, September 6 and September 17, 2018.  Click here to see time and place of meetings.  CHSRA is moving forward with the completion of the Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (Draft EIR/EIS) that identifies the recommended Preferred Alternative (PA).  The PA is a build option, which realigns the existing tracks to allow for two additional tracks to be added to the majority of the corridor.  It will feature two electrified tracks for high speed rail that can be shared with Metrolink and Amtrak, and two non-electrified tracks for freight movement within the existing corridor.  The PA is anticipated to be presented to the Authority Board of Directors in Fall 2018.  The Draft EIR/EIS for this section is anticipated for release in Fall 2019 and will include public hearings as well as agency and public comment opportunities.
  • Los Angeles to Anaheim:  CHSRA is still in the preliminary environmental study process but expects draft environmental documents to be available in the near future. CHSRA plans the 30-mile project section would use the existing Los Angeles-San Diego-San Luis Obispo (LOSSAN) rail corridor.  Click here to view CHSRA’s “Los Angeles to Anaheim Project Section Animation” which was shown at the April 2017 Community Open House Meetings.  Click here to view CHSRA’s “Los Angeles to Anaheim Program Overview & Project Benefits.  Click here to see CHSRA’s January 2018 project update for the Los Angeles to Anaheim segment.


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