Back in April, the California High Speed Rail Authority took a hit when the State Court of Appeals denied its petition to overturn a decision by the Sacramento County Superior Court regarding CHSRA’s alleged noncompliance with the provisions of Prop 1A. On Thursday, ruling on a portion of the Superior Court decision which the Court of Appeals had not yet addressed, the California 3rd District Court of Appeals reached a unanimous decision to allow CHSRA to resume selling $10 billion in bonds to fund the rail project. The bond sales were approved by California voters back in a 2008 ballot measure.

The appeals panel stated that even though there are still legal questions about whether the project is in compliance with the Proposition 1A, their decision focused on the law related to selling the bonds, not compliance with Proposition 1A.

CHSRA has recently been facing funding issues; this appeal is a big win for them, allowing them to obtain funding to move forward with the project.