SAN DIEGO — Carmel Valley residents are up in arms about a proposed Caltrans project.

Several residents who live near the proposed project rallied outside a Caltrans meeting on Thursday.

“Our choice is either a totally unpleasant living environment or being forced out of a place that we really grew attached to,” resident Dan Brown said.

The project would connect Interstate 5 and the state Route 56 freeway.

Caltrans said the project would allow commuters to transition more smoothly between the two busy highways. Presently drivers have to use surface streets to reach the connecting ramps.

Caltrans is considering several options.

“One would be a typical director alternative, second would be just beefing up the existing streets and freeways, adding more lanes but keeping the existing intersections, no direct connectors, and then we have hybrid alternatives, which would build one connector westbound to northbound,” said Caltrans spokesman Allan Kosup.

Contrary to previous plans, Caltrans said it’s no longer considering acquiring 30 homes through eminent domain.

“The plans do not include direct impact to homes but there would be slopes impacted, landscaping impacted and new walls constructed,” said Kosup.

Residents said their homes will still be affected, whether it be indirectly or not. They said they can only hope their concerns are addressed.

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