By Stan Oklobdzija

Citrus Heights started the eminent domain process against 11 properties abutting Antelope Road as part of a planned expansion of the city’s thoroughfare at its council meeting last night.

Following a 4-0 vote, with Councilman Steve Miller absent, the council started the process in order to meet construction deadlines in the spring, said Stuart Hodgkins, senior civil engineer.

The eminent domain process can take up to 3-4 months, Hodgkins said. In addition to paying a “fair market appraisal” for the properties, the city will compensate landowners for any improvements made to their properties, he said.

No owners of the affected properties spoke at the meeting.

Hodgkins said some of the 11 property owners were concerned about appraisal prices on their properties.

The project would convert the four-lane segment of Antelope Road between the western city limit (near Daly Avenue) and Interstate 80 to a six-lane configuration, according to a city report.

This segment of Antelope Road is heavily congested during peak hours, the report said. The project would improve traffic flow for vehicles and improve access for bicyclists and pedestrians, the report said.

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