By A.J. Hazarabedian

Glendale’s City Council adopted a resolution of necessity Tuesday, to acquire a five foot easement for the East Garfield Neighborhood Rehabilitation project.  The property is located at 820 S. Maryland Avenue in Glendale and is owned by Kathleen Rosenberry.

The Glendale News Press article, Council OKs eminent domain attempt,” explains that Ms. Rosenberry has previously denied the city’s offers to acquire her property, and therefore the city has now initiated the eminent domain process.  The article states that the city council has allocated $17,500 for the strip of land, which is the city’s estimated value of the land including fees.

This specific piece of land will be used to widen “H-alley” which has been an area of high crime in recent years.  According to the city, the widening will make it easier for police cars to drive in and out of the alley.

Widening “H-alley” is part of a larger rehabilitation project, “which is aimed at revitalizing the densely populated neighborhood in response to residential concerns about crime, lack of open space, parking, lighting and other substandard conditions,” according to the article.