By A.J. Hazarabedian

The City of Huntington Beach is planning to widen Atlanta Avenue between Huntington and Delaware Streets.  However, the City’s plans will displace eight mobile homes located in the Pacific Mobile Home Park on Huntington Street.  In order to construct the project, the City needs an additional 25 feet of right-of-way, which happens to cut right into the mobile home park.

In Monday’s Orange County Register, the article, “H.B. mobile home park owner fights city’s property seizure,” discussed the issues in detail.  According to the article, the owner of the mobile home park is appealing the City’s environmental review of the project, “saying the City did not sufficiently study the potential impacts of the project.”

The article explains that “the City’s zoning administrator on Sept. 15 approved waiving the need for an in-depth environmental report, saying widening the street would not have any significant impacts on a variety of areas including air quality, noise and cultural resources, among other criteria.”

It looks like the City still has some hurdles to get through before this project will come to fruition.  One big hurdle?  Funding.  The article mentions that funding has yet to be approved for the Atlanta Avenue widening project.  The earliest the City sees construction beginning is 2013.