By A.J. Hazarabedian

The Mojave Water Agency (“MWA”) has begun eminent domain proceedings with five property owners to acquire property for its Regional Recharge and Recovery Project (“R-Cubed”).

The properties are undeveloped parcels in Victorville.  As reported in the Daily Press article, “MWA uses eminent domain on land: Property is needed for R-Cubed Project,” two of the properties are located along Mesa Street west of Interstate 15, where the Mojave Water Agency wants to place utilities for the project.  Another property, on Mesa Street, may be used for a street alignment.  One property is a portion of a larger parcel on the west side of Mesa View.  The final property has been settled with the property owner and MWA.

The purpose of R-Cubed is to protect future water supplies and is an “‘effort to expand existing ground water recharge basins and construct 15 miles of pipeline, pumps, a reservoir, five to seven wells and up to six turnouts to several local water providers.”