The Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC),  along with Caltrans, propose to realign State Route 79 between Domenigoni Parkway and Gilman Springs Road in the San Jacino-Hemet area.  The Final EIR/EIS was approved on October 29, 2016.Record of Decision issued December 16, 2016.  Alternative 1br was selected as the Preferred Alternative.     SR-79’s most Current Project Newsletter along with project milestones attached here.

According to RCTC this project is still in the pre-construction phase of project development that includes cultural studies that impact Native American Tribes.  As a result, work on a final design, full-scale right of way acquisition and construction is still a number of years in the future.  Also, the uncertainty of federal funding might result in additional delays. There is funding identified in the Southern California Association of Government Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).  The date for that plan was provided in 2015 and is in the process of being updated for the next RTP in 2019.

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