By A.J. Hazarabedian

San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors decided to delay using eminent domain for a parcel needed for the Willow Road Interchange Project.

According to the Santa Maria Times article, Eminent domain decision delayed,” the Board had planned to vote on a resolution of necessity which would have been the last step prior to filing an eminent domain action.  The parcel in question is owned by Universal Life Church.  The County Department of Public Works needs to “obtain a roughly wedge-shaped parcel adjacent to Highway 101,” for the southbound 101 onramp at Willow Road.

Per the article, the county has offered the property owner fair market value, but “negotiations on the actual purchase price [are] expected to continue three to six months.”

Phil Acosta, the county’s right-of-way agent, said delaying the resolution of necessity hearing would “allow staff to make changes to the legal description of the property so there will be no question about the legality of an eminent domain proceeding.”

The resolution of necessity will be heard during the Board of Supervisors’ April 20th meeting.