By Danny Bernardini

Solano County supervisors will discuss the need to purchase or take by eminent domain eight properties needed in order to build the so-called North Connector project, linking Highway 12 in Jameson Canyon with Abernathy Road in Suisun Valley.

The Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing today before likely adopting Resolutions of Necessity for condemning several properties, as well as authorizing the payment for five other parcels.

Some property owners have agreed on terms to sell a portion of the 36.5 acres needed for the east end of the North Connector project, however the county is considering acquiring the rest through eminent domain.

The county has pledged $2 million to the project, teaming with the Solano Transportation Authority and the city of Fairfield.

Construction on the east end of the North Connector from Abernathy Road to Suisun Creek — known as Suisun Parkway — is scheduled to begin in 2009. The west end is scheduled to begin construction in 2016.

Negotiations have been ongoing with the property owners for the past three months, according to staff reports. The county would have to prove necessity to condemn the properties. Despite moving forward with this process, the county will continue to attempt to reach purchase agreements with the remaining eight property owners.

Along with the public hearing, the board today will also be asked to authorize the purchase of the five property owners whom have agreed on terms with the county.

A specific price for the properties is not listed, but staff reports indicate the cost will be paid for with STA funds. The county’s contribution will come from a General Fund loan, that will be repaid from the future establishment of a Public Facilities Fee for Transportation.

The Solano County Board of Supervisors will meet at 9 a.m. in the Supervisors Chamber, 675 Texas St., in Fairfield.

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