Tug-of-War for Martins Beach Access: Possible Eminent Domain Case

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Conflict between Simi Valley billionaire Vinod Khosla and those seeking public access to Martins Beach will make its way to Gov. Jerry Brown. Last week the state Senate approved Senate Bill 968 which, in essence, requires the State Land Commission to negotiate with Khosla to acquire public access to his private property. Khosla purchased the… Read more »

Proposition 13: Property Tax Roll-Over in Eminent Domain Cases, 8/20/14

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In 1978, California’s Proposition 13 created security for home owners by limiting property taxes to one percent of the property’s value with a maximum two percent increase for inflation of the property value in a year. The property tax is reassessed when the property is being sold or if certain improvements on the property increase… Read more »