Pre-Condemnation Entry: Procedure Can Be Unconstitutional, 4/25/14

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The Third Appellate District Court of Appeals has ruled that pre-condemnation entry on to the property an agency is seeking to condemn may be unconstitutional. If upheld, it will ultimately create significant obstacles for agencies to overcome in attempts to progress with eminent domain actions. Historically, California law entitled agencies to enter properties “to make… Read more »

Eminent domain fears in Seaside: The Monterey Herald, 8/25/07

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By Andre Briscoe A workshop this week aimed at educating the public and Seaside city officials on the rules governing California redevelopment did little to ease fears of at least one property owner, who is worried his home could be a victim of the city’s development plans. Ernest Glover, president of Southern California-based GRC Redevelopment… Read more »