California Eminent Domain Project News: Senate Committee Rejects Attempts at Another Vote for the California High Speed Rail

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The ongoing tug-of-war between rail backers and opponents to the project has led to delays in California’s plan to build a high speed rail. Since its voter-back initiative, Proposition 1A, was passed back in 2008, the California High Speed Rail project has encountered numerous bumps in the road. The latest was the appeal denied by… Read more »

Pre-Condemnation Entry: Procedure Can Be Unconstitutional, 4/25/14

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The Third Appellate District Court of Appeals has ruled that pre-condemnation entry on to the property an agency is seeking to condemn may be unconstitutional. If upheld, it will ultimately create significant obstacles for agencies to overcome in attempts to progress with eminent domain actions. Historically, California law entitled agencies to enter properties “to make… Read more »

Controversy Continues in the City of Exeter, 4/13/10

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By A.J. Hazarabedian We reported back in December about the City of Exeter and how they would not be supporting the closure of C Street by the Exeter Public Schools District and the acquisition of properties by eminent domain. The City is now hoping to be removed from the controversy all together.  As discussed in… Read more »

Exeter City Council Does Not Support Closure of C Street, 12/2/09

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By A.J. Hazarabedian As a follow up to our October 21, 2009 post regarding the closure of C Street in the city of Exeter, the Exeter City Council has decided not to support the closure.  The city council  has indicated, according to the Visalia Times-Delta article, “Exeter City Council: Don’t seize homes,” that they will… Read more »

Exeter may close C Street; Visalia Times-Delta, 10/20/09

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By Eric Woomer An Exeter City Council vote expected next week could determine whether a street closes down and residents lose their homes. It also could mean a harsh battle involving the homeowners, the City Council and the Exeter Public School District. Closing C Street The school district will ask the city to close C… Read more »