California High Speed Rail Project: Relocation Considerations for Displaced Businesses, Farms and Non-Profits

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The California High Speed Rail project has been slowly, but surely, picking up its pace of property acquisition in the Central Valley. So far, the State Public Works Board has adopted 192 resolutions of necessity declaring the CHSRA’s intent to file eminent domain actions in court to acquire properties.  Last month alone, CHSRA approved resolutions… Read more »

Banning to Use Eminent Domain on Vacant Parcel, 5/13/11

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By A.J. Hazarabedian The City of Banning adopted a resolution of necessity this week, authorizing the use of eminent domain to acquire a vacant parcel which sits in the middle of their planned project area.  The project, Village at Paseo San Gorgonio, plans to revitalize a currently “blighted” downtown area. The Banning-Beaumont Patch reported in… Read more »

Resolution Of Necessity To Be Discussed In Vista, 12/7/09

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By A.J. Hazarabedian The Vista City Council, together with the Community Development Commission, will consider adoption of a Resolution of Necessity to acquire the Riviera Motel property, located at 242 Vista Village Drive, by eminent domain.  The hearing will be held tomorrow – Tuesday, December 8, 2009. The Resolution of Necessity will be heard in… Read more »