California Eminent Domain Project News: CHSRA Gives Thumbs Up on Fresno-Bakersfield Track

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On May 7, California High Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) board members voted on the next section of the rail project. The two-part vote resulted in the approval of the 114-mile route from downtown Fresno to the northern outskirts of Bakersfield. The first part of the vote was dedicated to the 20,000 page Environmental Impact Report… Read more »

Pre-Condemnation Entry: Procedure Can Be Unconstitutional, 4/25/14

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The Third Appellate District Court of Appeals has ruled that pre-condemnation entry on to the property an agency is seeking to condemn may be unconstitutional. If upheld, it will ultimately create significant obstacles for agencies to overcome in attempts to progress with eminent domain actions. Historically, California law entitled agencies to enter properties “to make… Read more »

Hunts Lane Overpass Project, 1/11/10

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By A.J. Hazarabedian Property owners affected by San Bernardino Associated Governments’ (“SANBAG”) Hunts Lane overpass project have voiced their concerns about the project and may have some issues resolved, according to The Press Enterprise article, “Hunts Lane overpass causes some concern.” SANBAG did not adopt the resolutions of necessity from last month’s board meeting which… Read more »