California Code of Civil Procedure section 1255.410 authorizes the condemning agency to ask the court for possession of the property even before judgement has been entered in the eminent domain proceeding. The court may only do so, however, if the condemning agency has first deposited into the County or State Treasury the amount which it determines as the probable compensation to be paid for the property. If the court grants the condemning agency’s request for early possession — which the court almost always will — the property owner, in most cases, will be given 90 days notice before having to vacate the property.

Once the condemning agency deposits the amount of probable compensation, the property owner or tenant may apply to the court to withdraw that portion of the deposit which represents the owner’s or tenant’s probable amount of compensation. You may withdraw the amount of the agency’s deposit without waiving your claim for greater compensation. However, withdrawing the deposit does waive any challenge to the government’s right to take the property.