By A.J. Hazarabedian

The Palace Hotel in the city of Ukiah is getting closer to being acquired by eminent domain.  We wrote about this story in March, when the Press-Democrat first reported Ukiah’s desire to reinstate their eminent domain authority.  Now, six months later, it looks like its actually going to happen.

The Ukiah Daily Journal reported last week that the Ukiah City Council voted to begin the process of reinstating the power of eminent domain for its Redevelopment Agency.

While the article, titled “Three areas recommended for eminent domain,” discusses the potential for eminent domain authority to be limited to a few areas, City Manager Jane Chambers stated “at this point, the only structure this is affecting is the Palace Hotel.”  One resident is quoted in the article, describing the blighted hotel as a “black hole that sucks up positive energy.”

With their new eminent domain authority, the city will have the ability to take the property for redevelopment.