Battle brews over 405 widening project: Los Angeles Times, 6/17/07

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By Rong-Gong Lin II Battle brews over 405 widening projectResidents along the 405 are upset that homes may be lost and sound walls moved unnervingly close. Enter the lawyers. As Caltrans moves to widen more freeways as part of a multibillion-dollar infrastructure campaign, road planners are facing an early challenge in tony neighborhoods on the… Read more »

For Eminent Domain, A Shifting Landscape: The Day, 6/23/07

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By Elaine Stoll New London — Two years to the day since the U.S. Supreme Court upheld New London’s use of eminent domain at Fort Trumbull, the neighborhood’s last residents have left and the economic development project that displaced them is moving ahead. Susette Kelo, lead plaintiff in the lawsuit Kelo v. City of New… Read more »

De La Torre proposes limits on eminent domain for private uses: San Jose CA Mercury News, 5/21/07

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By Steve Lawrence, Associated Press California governments would be prohibited from using their eminent domain powers to acquire owner-occupied homes for shopping malls or other private development under legislation proposed Monday by a Democratic lawmaker and backed by a coalition of business, homeowner and environmental groups.The constitutional amendment and an accompanying bill by Assemblyman Hector… Read more »

Coalition Introduces Eminent Domain Reform Package: Californians for Eminent Domain Reform, 5/22/07

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Group Introduces ACA 8 and a Companion Statutory Measure (De La Torre) to Protect Homeowners and Small Businesses from Eminent Domain Press release A broad coalition of homeowner groups, small business representatives, labor, environmental, community and ethnic organizations today joined Assemblyman Hector De La Torre (D-South Gate) in unveiling a package of eminent domain reforms… Read more »

‘Reform’ that’s worse than doing nothing: Orange County CA Register, 5/24/07

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Editorial Government-backed measure on reining-in eminent domain would do little good No one should be shocked by dishonesty in the political process, but an effort by the League of California Cities and other big-government organizations to supposedly restrict the abuse of eminent domain is so dishonest that it’s worthy of caution.Consider: The groups that over… Read more »

Compensation for Rented Property

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When a property is leased or rented, both the owner and tenant may be entitled to compensation, depending on whether the lease contains an enforceable condemnation clause. If there is no condemnation clause, the property is generally valued as a whole and that value is then divided among the owner and the tenants according to… Read more »