Eminent Domain Appeal Denied: Sacramento On Track For Kings’ New Arena, 4/21/14

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After months of deliberation, negotiation and court appearances, the city of Sacramento won its appeal for possession of the former Macy’s building. The last piece of the puzzle completes the needed land for the new $448 million Kings arena scheduled to open in 2016. But the battle for the ex-Macy’s building remains fierce. The City… Read more »

California Eminent Domain Project News: California Speeds Up on the High-Speed Rail Project

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Even as the controversial High-Speed Rail project continues to be debated on in the Capitol and challenged in the courts, the California High-Speed Rail Authority (“CHSRA”) is already taking action towards the project. CHSRA has begun to acquire private property to build the foundation for the speed-rail’s tracks. Thousands of properties will be affected by… Read more »

California Town Uses Eminent Domain To Eliminate Private Water Company, 4/10/14

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Notwithstanding the public backlash following the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Kelo v. City of New London several years back, government agencies are getting more and more creative with stretching reasons to support exercising eminent domain. The city government of Claremont, California is attempting to take over a private water company using eminent domain and… Read more »

Eminent Domain Okayed in Newport Beach, 6/10/10

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By A.J. Hazarabedian Newport Beach city council members voted to adopt a resolution of necessity this week to acquire a portion of Back Bay Court Property Co.’s property on Jamboree Road. According to the Orange County Register article, “City OKs using eminent domain on mini-mall,” the sliver of land is needed for the Jamboree Road… Read more »

Eminent Domain Not an Option in San Pablo, 5/5/10

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By A.J. Hazarabedian We posted an article in March about San Pablo and the city council’s hope to reinstate the power of eminent domain for 12 years. In yesterday’s Mercury News there was a new article discussing the results of a recent city council meeting, where the San Pablo city council voted against “a series… Read more »

Eminent Domain Matter Settled in Lake Forest, 5/5/10

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By A.J. Hazarabedian In November of last year, we posted an article about a land swap deal in Lake Forest.  This week, the Orange County Register is reporting that the, “eminent domain tug-of-war between a Rancho Santa Margarita family and the city of Lake Forest over a 6-acre parcel of land has been settled.” The… Read more »