California Eminent Domain Project News: Senate Committee Rejects Attempts at Another Vote for the California High Speed Rail

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The ongoing tug-of-war between rail backers and opponents to the project has led to delays in California’s plan to build a high speed rail. Since its voter-back initiative, Proposition 1A, was passed back in 2008, the California High Speed Rail project has encountered numerous bumps in the road. The latest was the appeal denied by… Read more »

Pre-Condemnation Entry: Procedure Can Be Unconstitutional, 4/25/14

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The Third Appellate District Court of Appeals has ruled that pre-condemnation entry on to the property an agency is seeking to condemn may be unconstitutional. If upheld, it will ultimately create significant obstacles for agencies to overcome in attempts to progress with eminent domain actions. Historically, California law entitled agencies to enter properties “to make… Read more »

California Eminent Domain Project News: California Speeds Up on the High-Speed Rail Project

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Even as the controversial High-Speed Rail project continues to be debated on in the Capitol and challenged in the courts, the California High-Speed Rail Authority (“CHSRA”) is already taking action towards the project. CHSRA has begun to acquire private property to build the foundation for the speed-rail’s tracks. Thousands of properties will be affected by… Read more »

California Town Uses Eminent Domain To Eliminate Private Water Company, 4/10/14

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Notwithstanding the public backlash following the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Kelo v. City of New London several years back, government agencies are getting more and more creative with stretching reasons to support exercising eminent domain. The city government of Claremont, California is attempting to take over a private water company using eminent domain and… Read more »

405 car-pool plan may face discal dead end; The Daily News, 4/20/09

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 By Sue Doyle A $1 billion plan to widen the San Diego Freeway through the Sepulveda Pass is the latest victim of the state’s financial crisis, with a $730 million shortfall threatening to delay – or even cancel – a car-pool lane that could ease commutes for San Fernando Valley motorists. The 10-mile car-pool lane… Read more »

Piercing shop owner gives up; The Signal, 1/25/09

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Council takes final steps in eminent domain proceedings By Josh Premako The last obstacle to a new library in Newhall could fall Tuesday, and piercing shop owner Thomas Fitterer said he’s given up on fighting it. In November, the City Council agreed to use eminent domain to seize the property that houses the Just Passing… Read more »