Eminent domain ‘reform’ a scam by backers of status quo: San Diego CA Times-Union, 5/24/07

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Opinion By Chris Reed It could not be more obvious that California needs to reform eminent domain laws, which are often used to punish homeowners and businesses out of favor with City Hall and reward well-connected firms. So I welcomed news that another eminent domain reform initiative had surfaced in Sacramento.Unfortunately, it turns out to… Read more »

‘Reform’ that’s worse than doing nothing: Orange County CA Register, 5/24/07

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Editorial Government-backed measure on reining-in eminent domain would do little good No one should be shocked by dishonesty in the political process, but an effort by the League of California Cities and other big-government organizations to supposedly restrict the abuse of eminent domain is so dishonest that it’s worthy of caution.Consider: The groups that over… Read more »

Compensation for Rented Property

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When a property is leased or rented, both the owner and tenant may be entitled to compensation, depending on whether the lease contains an enforceable condemnation clause. If there is no condemnation clause, the property is generally valued as a whole and that value is then divided among the owner and the tenants according to… Read more »

“Public Use”

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The Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article I, Section 19 of the California Constitution allow private property to be taken by eminent domain only for a “public use.” Traditional examples of “public uses” for which the government might exercise its power of eminent domain include such things as schools, roads, libraries, police… Read more »

Loss of Business Goodwill

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California’s Eminent Domain Law — unlike the laws of most other states — provides that a business owner may be entitled to any loss of business “goodwill” caused by the taking of property on which the business is located. Business “goodwill” is defined in the Eminent Domain Law as: “The benefits that accrue to a… Read more »

Retaining an Attorney

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While on some occasions a property or business owner might be able to negotiate what he or she believes to be a fair price without legal representation, the reality is that in most cases, owners will obtain a significantly better overall net result (i.e., dollars in their pocket) when they are represented by competent, knowledgeable… Read more »

Compensation Paid for Improvements

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Owners are entitled to compensation not only for their property, but also for “improvements pertaining to realty.” These improvements can be anything from pavement and fencing to furniture and machinery, depending upon the facts of a particular case. The government is required to pay the fair market value “in place” of such improvements. Value “in… Read more »