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California Eminent Domain Law Group is a boutique eminent domain law firm whose attorneys are among the most highly regarded eminent domain lawyers in California. We offer our clients a level of personalized attention that big firms just can’t match. We get to know our clients and their properties and businesses in depth, to put us in the best position to guide our clients through the eminent domain process and maximize their compensation.


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Eminent Domain is 100% of our practice. It’s all we do. Many firms might handle an eminent domain case here or there and then claim to be eminent domain experts. Our two partners, on the other hand, have collectively practiced eminent domain exclusively for nearly half a century, and have significant experience handling just about every aspect and type of eminent domain matter imaginable.


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Caltrans taking of light industrial property in Los Angeles County

Caltrans’ Offer:

Compensation Obtained:

College District taking of plumbing company in Los Angeles County

District’s Offer:

Compensation Obtained:

Caltrans part take of mini storage property in San Joaquin County

Caltrans Offer:

Compensation Obtained:

School District taking of vacant residential land in Riverside County

District’s Offer:

Compensation Obtained:

City taking of portion of industrial truck yard in San Joaquin County

City’s Offer:

Compensation Obtained:

Caltrans taking of warehouse property in Los Angeles County

Caltrans Offer:

Compensation Obtained:

College District taking of food processing business in Los Angeles County

District’s Offer

Compensation Obtained

Transportation Authority taking of food distribution business in Los Angeles

Authority’s Offer:

Compensation Obtained:

Transportation Authority taking of clothing business in Los Angeles County

Authority’s Offer:

Compensation Obtained:

Transportation Authority taking of lounge business in San Francisco

Authority’s Offer:

Compensation Obtained:


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What ultimately matters to clients, of course, are results. And we get them in spades. Our attorneys have successfully handled well over $500 million in eminent domain matters for our clients. Our success rate is nothing short of extraordinary.


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  img2When most property or business owners are faced with eminent domain, they naturally have many concerns and questions. We are here to provide guidance and answers. We wrote the book . . . literally. Our attorneys authored the California Eminent Domain   Handbook as a tool to give California property and business owners an overview of the eminent domain process. Please feel free to browse the Handbook online or request that a free copy be mailed to you, and then give us a call for a free consultation to get expert advice for your specific situation.

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We are involved in numerous projects throughout the state. Here are just a few of the projects we're following and/or in which we are representing owners:


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