The CHSRA is attempting to connect northern California to southern California via a high-speed light rail system.  The project has been divided up in sections given the funding and construction sources and timelines.

Want to know how high-speed rail is progressing?   CHSRA launched its interactive website for providing quick and easy access to information about construction in the Central Valley.  Click here to view the website and to see more photos of the various HSR construction projects.


Click here to see California High-Speed Rail Construction Update – February 2020.


  • San Francisco to San Jose:  This section connects the communities from San Francisco and Silicon Valley to the rest of the state.  Click here to see CHSRA’s San Francisco to San Jose project section update.    CHSRA released a statewide update.  Click here to view.
  •  San Jose to Merced:  This route will travel from Diridon Station in downtown San Jose, through the Pacheco Pass, to the Western limits of the Central Valley Wye, approximately nine miles northeast of Los Banos in Merced County.  The Authority is working to environmentally clear the section between San Jose and the Central Valley Wye.  Environmental clearance is scheduled to be completed in 2020.  Click here to see CHSRA’s San Jose to Merced project section update.  CHSRA released a statewide update.  Click here to view.
  • Merced to Fresno: This section of the project received environmental clearance in or about September 2012.  CHSRA is currently undergoing construction of this phase.  Visit BuildHSR to see the active construction sites.
  • Merced to Fresno:  Central Valley Wye:  The Central Valley Wye will serve as the junction for the system to head west to the Bay Area, north to Merced and Sacramento and south to Fresno. Click here to see CHSRA’s Merced to Fresno-Central Valley Wye project section update.
  • SR-99 Realignment Project: This portion of the project has been completed.  Click here to view CHSRA’s informational website regarding the SR-99 Realignment Project.
  • Fresno to Tulare-Shafter/Bakersfield: This part of the project will provide connections between the Central Valley, the Silicon Valley and the Los Angeles Basin.   Click here to see CHSRA’s Fresno to Bakersfield project section update.
  • Tulare/Shafter to Bakersfield – Bakersfield Locally Generated Alternative:   This section of the project provides an alternative alignment for the 23.13 mile segment of the Fresno to Bakersfield section between the City of Shafter and the City of Bakersfield.   Click here to see CHSRA’s Fresno to Bakersfield Locally Generated Alternative project section update.
  • Bakersfield to Palmdale: This section provides a link between Central and Southern California, connecting Bakersfield and Palmdale.   Click here to see CHSRA’s Bakersfield to Palmdale project section update.  CHSRA’s has released a draft environmental document for first segment into Los Angeles County.  Click here to see news release.
  • Palmdale to Burbank: This project section will connect Palmdale to Burbank (Hollywood Burbank Airport).   Click here to see CHSRA’s Palmdale to Burbank project section update.
  • Burbank to Los Angeles:  This project section will connect Burbank to Los Angeles Union Station.   Click here to see CHSRA’s Burbank to Los Angeles project section update.
  • Los Angeles to Anaheim:  This project section will connect Los Angeles Union Station to the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC) using the existing Los Angeles-San Diego-San Luis Obispo (LOSSAN) rail corridor.  Click here to see CHSRA’s Los Angeles to Anaheim project section update


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