The Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC),  along with Caltrans, propose to realign State Route 79 between Domenigoni Parkway and Gilman Springs Road in the San Jacino-Hemet area.  The Final EIR/EIS was approved on October 29, 2016.Record of Decision issued December 16, 2016.  Alternative 1br was selected as the Preferred Alternative.     SR-79’s most Current Project Newsletter along with project milestones attached here.

The project is in the expenditure plan for Measure A, Riverside County’s ½ cent sales tax measure for transportation, which will fund a portion of the project. However, the expenditure plan assumed 50% of all project expenses would be paid for with federal and state transportation funding sources. These sources are currently funded far below historical levels; therefore, until additional funding is available, the Commission cannot proceed with right-of-way acquisition or construction of the project.  We will update as new information is made available.

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