According to the City of San Mateo – This project will eliminate the partial interchange and create a single, full access interchange at Peninsula Avenue and Airport Boulevard.  This will result in an improvement to the safety and traffic operations of the southbound US-101 ramps and the intersection of East Poplar Avenue and North Amphlett Boulevard along with providing improvements to the bicycle and pedestrian movements through the intersection of Peninsula Avenue and North Bayshore Boulevard.  This project is currently in the project approval and environmental document (PA&ED) phase.  Because of the large interest in the traffic portion of the PA&ED from both Burlingame and San Mateo residents, the City of San Mateo decided to do the analysis for this portion first.  The traffic portion of the environmental review is still being completed.  Unfortunately, the project was delayed late last year so that employment projection numbers from Burlingame’s General Plan could be included in  the analysis.  They are continuing with the traffic analysis and should be able to share the results in Fall 2018.